Robbinsdale Area Schools

Coding and Computer Science

Coding at Noble Elementary

As we continue moving through the 21st Century, our goal is to prepare students for jobs and careers that have not yet been created. One sure way to ensure your student learns the language of the future is through coding. All students at Noble Elementary learn coding, problem solving and computational thinking skills during weekly Computer Science classes and classroom activities. Students are challenged while they have fun in a variety of activities, including website design, making new games, designing and coding dance parties and creating stories. Students use Spheros (programmable robots) for a variety of tasks, including following routes across the floor, tracing shapes and bowling. Coding programs and Apps such as Scratch Jr.,, and CS First provide many opportunities for creativity while students learn about coding topics such as sequencing, looping, debugging, and conditionals.

Noble Lions are having fun while learning great lifetime skills in coding and computer science!

Students using ball and tablet
Young girl coding with iPad