Robbinsdale Area Schools

Learning Model Q&A Session

Our Learning Model Q&A Session from yesterday was recorded for those who weren't able to attend. If you have any additional questions, please visit the District's FAQ section.

These questions were answered as of Oct. 9 at 10 a.m.

  • Will students be given work if they are sent home to quarantine? Will it be expected to be completed?
    Work will be provided, if asked for, like when students would be absent any other time. However, it will not be in a distance learning format.
  • If we don't register for Distance Learning by 10/9 are students regularly enrolled with Noble students?
    Yes. If you do not enroll for the DL school, you will be expected to come to Noble.
  • If we don't register for Distance Learning by 10/9 and decide after returning for a few weeks, can we opt for DLS at that time?
    The district just sent an email on Thursday extending the deadline for registering. However, once you register for DL or choose to come to the building, you are expected to stay in that model until the end of the semester.
  • If we are enrolled in Distance Learning, are we to understand that student will likely have a new teacher?
    The chances are very high that they will not have the same teacher.
  • What are we going to do for students that won't wear a mask or students with Special needs?
    Committees are working on updating the hand book at this time to reflect mask wearing. However, in watching the summer programs, we have not had any issues with students wearing masks.
  • How will DLS work for Special Educations students? I am unsure of what to do.
    Special Education services will need to continue in the DL school. However, it will look different to accommodate the remote learning.
  • If we don't sign up for DLS, will our students go to in person?
  • If I have signed up Quarterly already, do I need to sign up for DLS for the next quarter since it is a semester system?
    No. If you signed up for the DL school at the beginning of the year, you are still enrolled in the DL school for the upcoming quarter.
  • Do you know how many families or kids in the school have signed up for DL School?
    On the last count, Noble had approximately 40 students enrolled in the DL school.
  • I am hesitant sending my student to school knowing that we have families that send their students to school when they are ill, how will this work now that we have COVID?
    There are many more structures in place to protect all students. If students are showing any signs or symptoms, they are placed into an isolation space (with supervision) until someone can come to pick them up.
  • Where do we sign up to go back in person (if we signed up for DL)?
    There is an opt out form or you can contact the school directly.
  • If our numbers go up, could the district decide if we need to Hybrid/Distance Learning?
    Yes. The learning model decision will be a fluid one. Depending on the numbers in our local area, will depend on the learning model we will be in.