Robbinsdale Area Schools

Noble Student Council and Noble Student Service Team

We are excited to have 3rd, 4th and 5th grade student leaders selected to serve on two groups: the Noble Student Council and the Noble Student Service Team. Their responsibilities will include helping with morning announcements, tutoring younger students, helping with assembly presentations, and assisting staff in the lunchroom, playground, and around the school. 

Noble Student Council:

Grade 3:  Olivia G, Trey G, Albert H, Abijah T

Grade 4:  Mahima S, Payton S, Dairely A, Tonya J

Grade 5:  Mia C, Colby H, Ahmed M, A'paris S, Timmy L


Noble Student Service Team:

Grade 3:  Isaac K, Ayaan M, Hadiya S, Briana S, Greta V, Alima C, Henry C, Jaida R.G., Hailey S

Grade 4:  Brooklyn W, Lydia B, Isabelle G, Goddess S, LeStacy T-G, Dominic S, Jayda T, Kevin G, Eleanor M, Andrew R,

Darinah L

Grade 5:  Markiya B-W, Rose E, Davari F, Xavier K, Evelyn M, Ethan B, Isaac G, Ledia M, Julianni W, Hailey S, Aleigha O