Robbinsdale Area Schools

Phy Ed Updates from Mr. Scheller

Did you know children should be getting 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day? Physical activity minutes play a crucial role in the overall healthy development of your student. With winter upon us, finding ways to be physically active can be challenging. Sitting with your student and having a conversation about exploring ideas they may have about increasing physical activity minutes while at home can be a way to avoid physical activity minutes declining due to the weather change. 

With winter approaching us, it is time to also remind families of the importance of having appropriate footwear for a student's safe participation in physical education class. Safe footwear includes any rubber, flat-sole shoe, with laces or velcro to secure the foot. Unsafe shoes include heels, crocs, sandals, and boots. If your student is in need of footwear, please email me at